“Art Should Comfort the Disturbed and Disturb the Comfortable”

Art is one of those dense words; it’s small yet it carries thick information. By definition, art is a way of communicating a message through different mediums (e.g., paintings, music, sculptures, etc). An exercise to understand your emotions is to think of the emotion and then draw whatever comes to your mind with whatever colors. […]

“The Only Constant in Life Is C H A N G E”

Part 1 When I first started working at St’ Joseph’s hospital, in Chicago, one of the first people I met was B. I can still hear him saying one of Heraclitus quotes “The only constant in life is change.” When B. first started his sessions at the IOP, as with many clients, he was very […]

“I don’t know how I FEEL.”

One of my favorite quotes from Stranger Things, on Netflix, was Hopper’s letter. He wrote in the letter: “Feelings. Jesus. The truth is, for so long, I’d forgotten what those even were. I’d been stuck in one place; in a cave, you might say. A deep, dark cave…” After some thought and my sessions with […]

B for Boundaries

When I came back to Cyprus, one of the first psychoeducational seminars I did was on the emotional understanding of two-year-old toddlers. Justifiably, through the seminar, the topic of boundaries came up. Boundaries are one of the foundational pillars of building your self-esteem. There are different ways to define what boundaries are. Nonetheless, it all […]

Have they told you everything about F O R G I V I N E S S?

I remember the first time I did a group session on forgiveness, an African American client asked me, why should I forgive those who have hurt me or the society which every time looks down on me? I believe the biggest misconception about forgiveness is that it is done for others. But the truth is […]

The Cypriot Dream

I decided to end 2020 with a dream and more specifically with “The Cypriot Dream.” I remember when I was in high school, for my English literature class, we had to read and analyze “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. The novella focuses on the idea of the American Dream during the time of the […]

The Power of Language: Sexuality

Two weekends ago, I had a random conversation with a couple of friends regarding language. One of my first assignments for my Human Sexuality Class was to investigate the impact of language on human sexuality and ways which can be used to mitigate its negative effects. I wouldn’t consider myself as one of those who […]

“Hello, I am an islander”

Being born and raised on an island, I’ve never realized what it means to be an islander. I never considered myself as being different from those being born and raised inland. Looking back, I guess I was one of those people who would focus on their microenvironment (i.e., to the people and places I would […]

Opinion Poll: What is it like to be a Cypriot Man?

Considering that not much attention is given on Men’s Day on 19th November and after my post on “What is like to be a Cypriot Woman?” I decided to give the stage to some Cypriot men to express their feelings and thoughts on this topic. I asked them to write whatever came to their mind […]

WHAT I F: (de)pression

Whenever I have to explain the vicious cycle of depression, I use parallelism to make it easily understood. Imagine that X is in a maze. The path is complicated, and X’s initial goal is to find the exit. During X’s attempts to reach his goal, X gets lost and cannot easily find the exit. Therefore, […]


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